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We'll handle the house cleaning, so you don't have to

No matter what time of year it is, there's always something filling up your busy schedule. Don't let house cleaning be one of those things. At Merry Maids of Milton, we've got the experience and equipment to give you a break from house cleaning - because we both know you've got better things to do.

Getting started is easy too! We offer a FREE cleaning consultation to serve you better. After all, no two homes are exactly the same, which is why we take the time to meet with you, answer your questions, and provide our recommendation on which house cleaning would work best for your needs and budget. No flat rates here. It's all tailored to you and your home. This allows us to perform a detailed house cleaning that makes sense for you, giving you added peace of mind.

Being able to have your trust is very important to us. From thoroughly training our staff to having them bonded, insured and background checked, we make sure your home is always in good hands. Even your home's keys are safely stored in our office until the day of your scheduled house cleaning. This greatly reduces the chance of them being misplaced, but your keys are never marked with any personal information anyway to ensure they're always safe. Keeping your home safe while we have your keys is crucial to providing a house cleaning service you can count on, every time.

The tools we use also play a big role in our house cleaning style at Merry Maids of Milton. Each maid uses microfiber cloths that are colour coded to avoid cross contamination between rooms. All that means is that we don't use the same cloth in the kitchen as the one to clean your bathrooms. Additionally, our vacuums and microfiber cloths absorb more dust and dirt, which helps us remove it from your home during a house cleaning- actually improving air quality. And our house cleaning solutions are custom made to avoid the use of harsh chemicals in your home. Overall, Merry Maids of Milton has the right tools to get your home fresh and clean. So what are you waiting for? Book a free house cleaning quote today!