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"The monthly cleaning leaves our house looking great, neat and tidy. I particularly notice the attention given to bathrooms and kitchen. Very impressive. Thank you all!"

-Carla S., Milton area, ON

"What I love is coming home to a house cleaned exactly to my standards! I'm so pleased with the service I've been receiving and have recommended this service to others. I have two pets and also love the safe products they use that are animal friendly."

-Christen J., Milton area, ON

"I am so pleased with the job the girls did! From the groomed carpet to everything squared off just right on the tables, the toilet paper flowers and the sparkling fridge, etc, the house looked great and we really appreciate what a good job they did. Thank you!"

-Bonnie B., Milton area, ON

"It's been almost a year since we began receiving your service and we are even more impressed as time goes on. Your staff is always prompt in their arrival and get started immediately. There has been absolutely no let-down in the quality of their work. Each time they leave I am delighted with all they have done and have been since Day One. Mainly the same team of girls, but no matter who comes, the friendliness and hard work is the same. One of the best decisions we made was to have Merry Maids come to look after us we're delighted with the results each and every time."

-Carol H., Milton area, ON

"The girls that arrived today are the best cleaners we have had in all of our years of house cleaning! We envision many more years with yours company!"

-Brett. W, Milton area, ON

"The girls did an outstanding job cleaning our home today! Both are extremely courteous and respectful and get the job done in a professional manner."

-Rahul S., Milton area, ON

"Thanks so much for taking care of our home! Very much appreciated more than you know! Hope you have a great day!"

-Les P., Milton area, ON

"I wanted to say that I am so happy with the work the girls are doing in my home! Thank you so much."

-Ilse N., Milton area, ON

"It has been almost a year since we have been with Merry Maids' service. The work has been excellent and the ladies are thoughtful and professional!"

-Deb B., Milton area, ON

"I would highly recommend Merry Maids of Milton's courteous and professional service. They have always been able to accommodate me when I have had to make changes to my service."

-Barbara A., Milton area, ON

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